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Track moods and check in on friends. Follow each other's well-being and exchange supportive messages.

"I’m in love with this app. It’s a good way to let your feelings out without feeling like you’re unloading all your problems onto a person."
"My close friend group has been looking for something where we can support each other and keep up to date with how everyone is doing. This is the perfect app for that."
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"Awesome concept - Luh luh luh love the idea I like that I can check on my friends without actually having to reach out"
"I love the support feature that lets me reach out to my friends support circle and it goes both ways too!"

Moodwave is social support network app based on journaling and positive vibes ✨

Track Well-being

Track moods and share journal entries with people close to you. Unlock insights that can help you improve your overall mental health.

Build Your Support

Invite close friends to share and grow closer with. Always know how your friends are doing and exchange supportive messages when it's needed.

Vent anonymously

Share your feelings with our safe and anonymous community. Get support whenever you need it or help those who need a friendly nudge.

Write a journal entry

Select your mood and jot down your feelings. Reflect more with our adaptive journal prompts that are personalized for you.

Invite close friends & family

Start following each other's well-being and always know how they're doing.

Don't have a support network? Get support from our safe and anonymous community.

Exchange support

Get the support you need during times of stress and easily check in on friends to see how they're doing.

Give your mood a boost

Community feed

Vent anonymously and be heard on our safe community. Show support to others by sending them a friendly nudge.


Take a deep breath with free guided meditation sessions. Track how you feel afterwards with exclusive moods and journal prompts.


Unlock insights and trends that can help you understand and improve your overall mental health.

Frequently asked questions

What is Moodwave?

Moodwave is a free social support network app based on journaling and positive vibes. Use Moodwave to track daily moods and build a social support network that you can depend on during times of stress.

How does the mood tracking work?

Complete a journal entry everyday by selecting how you're feeling, what the reason is, and adding any optional notes. Be sure to enable push notifications so that the app can remind you everyday to complete an entry!

Are my entries available for others to see?

Your moods are always visible for your support network to see. That way they can always see how you're feeling and stay atop of your overall well-being, and vice versa. You can make just the notes section private by toggling "make the notes private" when completing a journal entry.

How do I see my supportive messages?

Friends from your social support network can you supportive messages in the form of push notifications. You'll need to enable push notification on your phone in order to see them.

What is the community feed?

The community feed is a safe and anonymously place for our members to share their feelings and get support. It's a place to be heard and let others know that they're not alone. Anyone can share but everyone must be respectful and mindful.