Frequently Asked Questions

What is Moodwave?
Moodwave is a free social journaling app that you use to track daily moods and build a support network that you can depend on during times of stress.

How much does it cost to use Moodwave?
It's completely free to use!

How does the mood tracking and journal work?
Everyday you complete an "entry" by selecting how you feeling, what the reason is, and adding any optional notes. Be sure to enable push notifications so that the app can remind you everyday to complete an entry!

Are my entries available for others to see?
Your mods are always visible for your support network to see. That way, they can always see how you're feeling and stay atop of your overall well-being, and vice versa. Moodwave makes it easy for you to check in on your friends!

You can make just the notes section private by toggling the "make the notes private" when completing a journal entry.