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3 simple social media clues that it’s time to check in on your friends

Paying attention to your friends on social media

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Despite having social media to keep us connected with friends and family, it’s surprisingly easy to become wrapped up in our own lives and not realize that we’re neglecting our closest friendships. Research shows us how important it is to keep those strong connections – it’s not only good for our health but also the well-being of those we care about. That’s why it’s important to recognize the social media signs that our friends might need that extra bit of support.

Less activity: if your friend starts becoming less active on social media and sending you less memes, it might be a sign that they’re going through a tough time.

  • Communication changes: pay attention to how your friend communicates. If they’re less responsive or being more vague with their answers, there might be something on their mind that you should ask about.

  • Mood: if you notice that they’re constantly in a bad mood, venting or there’s an increase of somber posts, this could be a sign of emotional distress. 

If you notice these signs on their social media, it’s important to reach out in a caring and casual manner. Let your friend know you’re there for them. Be ready to listen without offering advice. Just knowing that someone is there can already make a huge impact. Moodwave makes it easy to check in on friends by tracking your moods and sharing journal entries with the people close to you. Always know how your friends are doing and exchange supportive messages when it’s needed.

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