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5 texts to send a friend when you want to check in

How to check in on friends

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There’s no perfect way to support a friend struggling with their mental health or going through a tough time. On top of that, it might not even be obvious that they’re in need of support. One thing is clear though – a simple text message can make a world of difference. It may be hard finding the right words to say but here are 5 simple texts you can send a friend in need: 
Nudge: “Just wanted to say hi”
A light nudge to your friend lets them know that you’re thinking of them.
Support: “I’m here if you need someone to talk to”
This is a more active approach that lets your friend know that you’re here if they need someone to talk to. They may take this opportunity to open up further especially if they’re in the mood to talk. 
Offer to catch up: “It’s been a while. I want to know how you’re doing”
If you haven’t spoken with them for a while, this is a perfect way to bring up the opportunity to catch up and to dig deeper on things that’s occupying their headspace. 
Words of encouragement: “You deserve the world!”
Someone lacking a bit of confidence just needs a few words of encouragement from a dear friend. Whatever they’re struggling with, let them know that they’re worthy and deserve nothing but the best.
Only positive vibes: “Sending you a virtual hug”
Even if you can’t be there physically, you can still extend the same act of kindness towards your friend.
You might not get a response right away (or at all) but don’t let that discourage you – as studies have shown, your friends will appreciate the check in. Text one of your friends right now even if it’s just to let them know you’re thinking about them and see how they respond. 
Moodwave makes it easy to check in on friends and follow each other’s mental well-being. Start by tracking your moods and share journal entries with people close to you. Always know how your friends are doing and exchange supportive messages when it’s needed.
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